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Course Introduction
Do you...

  • Want to become a Personal Trainer or Sports Coach?
  • Think that physiotherapy or PE teaching may be a career choice for you?
  • Want the knowledge to keep yourself fit, health and active for life?
  • Find the human body fascinating?
  • Want to learn how to train SMART, not just train harder?
  • Want to develop the knowledge to get better in the sport or activity you take part in?

If so, Physical Education GCSE is for you.

2 written exams - 1 hour 15 minutes per exam (60% of overall marks)
Non-exam assessment - practical performance in physical activity (40% of overall marks)

GCSE Physical Education is not just an excellent base for the AQA A Level in Physical Education, it can take students much further. For those students fascinated by the human mind, why not carry on to Psychology? For people into the why of the human race this carries you through to Sociology. This is also an excellent additional qualification for those undertaking the sciences with the intention to move through into medicine or physiotherapy routes.

Beyond A Level, the study of Physical Education can lead on to university degrees in sports science, sports management, healthcare or exercise and health. Physical Education can also complement further study in biology, human biology, physics, psychology, nutrition, sociology, teacher training and many more. The transferable skills you learn through your study of Physical Education, such as decision making and independent thinking are also useful in any career path you choose to take.

Course Content

Paper 1: The human body and movement in physical activity and sport
Applied anatomy and physiology
Movement analysis
Physical training
Use of data

Paper 2: Socio-cultural influences and well-being in physical activity and sport
Sports psychology
Socio-cultural influences
Health, fitness and well-being
Use of data

  • Practical performance in three different physical activities in the role of player/performer (one in a team activity, one in an individual activity and a third in either a team or in an individual activity).
  • Analysis and evaluation of performance to bring about improvement in one activity. (40% of overall marks)

Contact Name
Mr C Jones – Director of Sport

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A Level

A Level Physical Education builds on students’ GCSE experience to enhance their knowledge and increase their understanding of the factors that affect performance and participation in Physical Education. The qualification aims to equip students with skills and knowledge required for higher education or the world of work. The specification gives students the opportunity to experience and develop an interest in a variety of roles in sport, such as performer, official or coach. The content addresses contemporary topics in sport, such as the impact in the use or ergonomic aids, technology and the increasing commercialisation of sport.

Coursework/Examination Requirement
70% examinations, 30% performance.

2 Written exam: 2 hours  -70% of A-level


Evaluation of performance in one sporting activity (15%)

Written analysis of evaluation of weaknesses in a sporting activity (15%)

The College expects students to have
Grade 5 or above at PE GCSE or Grade 5 or above in Science.

The sport and leisure industry has expanded significantly in recent years, providing a wide variety of employment opportunities in coaching, sport science, sport management, fitness, sport therapy, physiotherapy and teaching. The A Level also develops transferable skills that will be welcomed in more general employment areas.

Course Content

Paper 1: Factors affecting participation in physical activity and sport

Section A: Applied anatomy and physiology

Section B: Skill acquisition

Section C: Sport and society


Paper 2: Factors affecting optimal performance in physical activity and sport

Section A: Exercise physiology and biomechanics

Section B: Sport psychology

Section C: Sport and society and technology in sport


Non Exam Assessment - Practical Performance in Physical Activity and Sport

Student’s assessed as a performer in the full sided version of one activity. Plus: written/verbal analysis of performance.

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Learning Journey

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