Peel Hall

Of the six boarding houses Peel has been the one with the most diverse of histories. Originally named after Alderman Sam Peel (former Chair of the Norfolk Education Committee) who had the vision to develop what was a teacher training school into the boarding school we have today. In its time Peel has seen a variety of uses: originally a Sixth Form boarding house until the mid-1990s, it was turned into a Year 7 house and has also housed the administration offices, main reception and Headmaster's office. Much more recently Peel has undergone the transformation into a main school house with Years 7 to 11, and part of our quirkiness and differences from the other houses comes from our historical use.

Peel students tend to measure themselves by how much they give back to their community, the house, and the College in general. In the 11 years since becoming a main school house, and the 9 years I have already spent working in Peel, it has been marvelous to see so many of our students go on to the Sixth Form and sit on the Headteacher's Council, the JCR committee, interviewing panels, or acting as writers, photographers or editors on the College magazine, as well as in a plethora of other senior responsibilities at the College. All of these responsibilities are firmly anchored, I believe, by the caring and considerate social skills they have learnt throughout their time in Peel. Above all, when students journey through and eventually leave our Peel community, our staff team hopes they depart us as compassionate, tolerant and good natured young people. I attended the University of Edinburgh, gaining my Masters degree in Sociology, before training to teach and gaining a further Masters degree in Education. I teach A-level and GCSE sociology at the College, and love spending an evening debating social justice issues with boarders. I live at the College with my partner, Ellie, and our greyhound, Lando. I am also a Governor at a local Primary School.


Mr Ed Brooks, Head of House

House Staff List


Head of House

Mr Graeme Campbell

Deputy Head of House

Mr Ed Brooks

Assistant Head of House

Mrs Abi Southerden


Miss Rebecca Callaghan

Miss Marion Greene

Miss Jessica Hunter

Mr Richard Jarrald

Mr Carl Jones

Mr David Penn

Mr Seamus Rigney / Mrs Kate Staunton

Miss Amy Wright / Mrs Joanne Hennessy

Graduate Boarding Assistants

Miss Elle Gaertner

Mr Ibrahim Lisouf

Miss Ellie Stone


Mrs Sara Burton

Mrs Jane Cole

Miss Emily Cott

Mrs Helena Parish

Miss Roz Gray

Boarding House Support Assistant

Mrs Barbara Gonzalez  

Lunchtime Assistant(s)

Mrs Carole Seville

Non-Resident Boarding Tutors

Mrs Barbara Gonzales

Miss Rebecca Callaghan

Miss Marion Greene

Ms Juliet Hall

Mr Craig Morgan

Mrs Laura Morgan

Mr David Penn

Mrs Jasmine Randall

House Contact Details

House Phone Number       01953 609038

House Email             

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