Fry Hall

Chris Jones (3)Welcome to Fry Hall, to be precise it is called Elizabeth Fry Hall after the prison reformer whose family, the Gurney Family (bankers), were based in Norfolk. In fact we have pupils who are distant relatives in the House at present and they presented us with a very old picture of Elizabeth Fry a couple of years ago.

There have been relatively few Heads of House in Fry over the past 30 years, in fact two! This has given the House a sense of stability. We like to think of ourselves as a friendly House with a sense of fun but also a House where children and staff care for each other. We have a very experienced team of boarding staff and tutors who know our students, meet their needs and challenge them to make the best of the opportunities available.

My wife and I have lived and worked in boarding schools for the past 32 years. My three children grew up in these special environments and are now fully fledged adults with six children between them, ranging from 1 to 16 years of age.  My background is that I worked in scientific research before becoming a teacher. I then worked in Science departments in two schools before becoming Head of Biology and then Head of Science. I then moved into boarding management and leadership as a Housemaster and then moved to Wymondham as a Head of House; and here, fortunately, I have stayed.

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Dr Chris Jones, Head of House

House Staff List

  • Head of House — Mr Robyn Jones
  • Deputy Head of House — Mr Chris Padreddii & Mrs Kristi Padreddii 
  • Assistant Head of House — Mr David O'Brien
  • Tutors — Mrs Susan Amodio / Mrs Wendy Anema, Mr Deane Anderton, Mrs Laura Bryce / Mrs Claire Foreman, Mr Marc Gee, Miss Hannah Godbold, Ms Juliet Hall, Mrs Helen Roberts, Mrs Sarah Sadler
  • Non Resident Boarding Tutors — Mr Deane Anderton, Mr Marc Gee, Ms Juliet Hall, Mr Simon Hutchinson, Mrs Hannah Peck, Miss Esme Southgate
  • Matrons — , Miss Roz Gray, Mrs Sharon Morter, Ms Lyn Sales
  • Graduate Boarding Assistants —  Miss Laura Frosdick, Mr Edward Larter, Miss Heather Nash
  • Student Supervisor(s) — Mr Mark David
  • Lunchtime Assistant(s) — Ms Elizabeth Le-Maistre

House Contact Details

House Phone Number       01953 609032

House Email            


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