Why I love Wymondham College


Sophie, Year 13

The College has been so influential in shaping who I have become.  From challenging academic lessons to sporting and musical experiences, from the huge numbers of Wymondham Life activities and trips to the expansive green campus that has become my second home; I know I have been very lucky. This place is so much more than a secondary school.  It has taught me that anything is possible, and I will take that with me well into adult life.To me, the college offers so many opportunities in the sense of academic, sporting  as well as musical experiences, the huge numbers of Wymondham Life activities, trips and the wonderful College environment. This means that literally anything is possible. I also think that due to the boarding aspect of the school we really are all part of a wider community, moreover, I think it offers a unique educational experience making it so much more than a secondary school.


CJ, Year 8

Roses are red, clever is cool, here are some reasons why I rate my school:

Warm-hearted friends.

Yummy food.

Multitudinous clubs.

Outstanding Music and Sports Departments.

No bullies allowed.

Disentanglement of any problem.

House means family (Fry is the best!).

A* teaching from inspirational teachers.

Monumental opportunities to learn.


Grace, Year 8

Wymondham College is a place of opportunity. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Wymondham Life activities such as sports, cooking and extra-curricular art-based clubs. These have made my boarding experience much more pleasurable and fun alongside the sociable side of life here. There are also a large number of enriching activities outside of school that we can be involved in, such as an Argentinian exchange programme to help improve our linguistic skills, RE trips to different places of worship to enrich our understanding of different beliefs and excursions to different countries to have a perspective of other cultures. These opportunities have enriched my life in so many ways.

Although these aspects of Wymondham College are very important, the one that is most prominent and that I feel brings the College together as a whole is our community and the way we work well as a team. Students here, younger or older, day pupil or boarder, feel that sense of community that runs through so much of what happens here. I am so passionate about my boarding House, Cavell, but I know students in other houses feel exactly the same.  Whilst we compete fiercely in sport, music and debating, we all form part of the Wymondham College family.


Ben, Year 13

Having joined in Year 12, I was surprised by how quickly I felt a part of the great community that is Wymondham College.  It is a school I am very proud to be part of.

I have been fully emerged in the life of the College and everything that it has to offer me. From Gold Duke of Edinburgh to first team Rugby, life is busy, but exciting and rewarding.

Supporting all of this has been my teachers. The support they gave me through the first few weeks of school, which was very daunting at the time, was excellent.  They are always willing to explain if you are struggling and will also go into more depth when needed. For me this is all you can ask for in a teacher and is the reason I have been so successful at Wymondham College.

Alex Chiab close up

Alex, Year 8

I love Wymondham College because of my friends, my House and the staff. The Matrons are amazing. I know that sometimes Boarders get annoyed because they are always making sure we are looking immaculate and have our dorms tidy, but they are always there when I need someone to talk to. My Matrons have taught me to be kind, giving and thoughtful. All the Sixth Formers that I see in Fry are always keen and excited to be back in their main school House, catching up with everyone, and they are always encouraging to us. That is why I am proud to be in Wymondham College.


Esme, Year 8

Coming to Wymondham College was one of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make; but I am glad that I did. On my first day as a Year 7 at the College, I walked into New Hall only knowing the few people that my sister was friends with and the few people that I had met at open days and the boarding preview but I did… I walked in and I felt right at home!

I love being at the College, it is my family away from family and I am upset whenever the Year 11’s leave. Being here has made me happy to drive two and a half hours in the car to come to school because I am able to make so many memories and build so many friendships and relationships.


Marcus, Year 10

I love boarding because it has helped me to be more confident and independent.  I know I am much better at meeting new people and making more friends. Before Wymondham, I only had friends in my year group, but now I have friends both older and younger than me.  I think this is really special.


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