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Posted on 22/04/2020

I delivered my first ‘virtual assembly’ last week and shared it via our YouTube Channel. This is something that I will now do weekly during these troubled times. The key content that I share, will also be mirrored in my blog posts and my letters home. The content is for parents and students and will often be aimed at answering the most frequently asked questions and keeping you up to date.


Home Learning

We recognise how difficult Home Learning is for most parents. The multiple challenges of not enough electronic devices in some households, slow internet speeds and of course the fact that many parents are themselves having to work from home at the same time as their children.

Try to encourage students to study subjects as per their usual timetable – there is a guide for parents and students on the Coronavirus Support page and a copy of your child’s timetable has been emailed to you.

Questions about specific subjects can be directed to the teacher or Head of Department. Wider questions about Home Learning should be sent to Mrs Jay Edmunds-Grezio, Deputy Headteacher -

Technical questions about Home Learning and Teams should be emailed to our CISS team

At the weekend, the government announced a new free laptop loan scheme for vulnerable children. Headteachers and schools have not yet been given any information on how we access this scheme, so I will update you when we have more details.


Exam results

The Department for Education (DfE) announcement last week that Year 11 and Year 13 students will receive their exam results on the following dates:

A Levels on Thursday 13th August

GCSEs on Thursday 20th August

The DfE and Ofqual has also made it clear that Year 11 and Year 13 students should not be doing any more work towards their GCSE and A Levels. Additionally, they have stated that teachers must not engage in discussions with parents or students about teacher assessed grades.

The entry requirements for our Sixth Form remain the same as those published on our website, they are unchanged.


Keeping in touch

We want to do all we can to keep in touch with you during these unprecedented times. Email, social media, our website and text messages are all being used. We have also now begun to make a series of short videos to help, these are uploaded to our YouTube channel and also posted on the official College Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Sadly, at the moment emails are taking a long time to get through the servers, especially those emails that have attachments. If you have changed your email address, please let us know by emailing and include your child’s name and house.

If you have questions for us, you can either email All of the Senior Leadership Teams email addresses can be found here -

Please try to avoid posting questions on Facebook or Twitter as these accounts not being monitored 24 hours a day. The main College phone number remains in operation, but phones calls are being answered remotely. You will get an answer much more quickly by emailing us.


Trips and activities refunds

The following from the SET Finance Director, Graham Hough;

“A number of trips, activities and events have been cancelled due to Covid-19.  The College has submitted claims to insurers and these are currently being progressed.  As soon as insurance claims are settled, refunds will be issued.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.”

Regarding boarding fees, as I have said before, we are in ongoing discussions with the Department for Education and we will update parents as soon as we are in a position to do so. We are giving this our full attention and we understand how important an issue it is.


And finally…

The College grew out of the dark and troubled period of the Second World War, the US military hospital that occupied this site was built at very short notice as a response to a situation that few people predicted. There are of course parallels with today, the biggest of which is that both then and now everyone is doing their best in the face of a deadly threat. As I said in my last post, the need to show understanding, be kind and follow instructions are key to being able to look forward to a time when we can re-open.

Thank you for the many supportive emails that I have received over the past three weeks. I am grateful for your support but also for your understanding. Home Learning is of course better than no learning, but it is not a perfect substitute for young people being in College. Hopefully things will look a little brighter for all of us soon.

With best wishes

Stay safe


Dan Browning




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