Combined Science


All Wymondham College students follow a common Science course throughout Year 9, allowing suitability for courses to be refined at the end of the year. In Years 10 and 11, some students will be directed to study Combined Science GCSE. Studying Combined Science does not prevent studying A Level  Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

A sound understanding of the underlying principles and concepts in science allows students to prepare themselves better for the rapidly changing world in which we all live. All three sciences are covered in equal detail, with two GCSEs being gained at the end of the qualification.

Students will carry out 16 required practicals across the three sciences. At least 15% of the marks on the exam papers will be based on work done in these practicals.

Exam content: 2 Biology papers, 2 Chemistry papers and 2 Physics papers - 1 hour 15 minutes per paper. Each paper is 16.7% of the final grade GCSE.

The course is worth two GCSE grades from 9-9 1-1.

Science is not just about accumulation of knowledge, it is also about understanding the Scientific Method, which allows us to make new discoveries about the world around us and beyond. Barely a day goes by without a scientific story being in the news. Life in the 21st century required everyone to be fluent in the basics of what they see and read around them every day and this course allows students to gain that understanding.

Studying the Combined Science course does not prevent study of any of the A Level Science courses.

Combined Science Course Content


Cell Biology
Infection and Response
Homeostasis and Response
Inheritance, Variation and Evolution


Atomic structure and the periodic table
Bonding, structure and the properties of matter
Quantitive chemistry
Chemical changes
Energy changes
The rate and extent of chemical change
Chemical analysis
Chemistry and the atmosphere
Using resources


Particle model of matter
Atomic structure
Magnetism and elecromagnetism

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