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Posted on 09/07/2021

End of Term Message from the Headteacher 

I would like to start by thanking everyone in our community for their support during what has been a challenging year for us all.  It was with deep sadness that we made the decision to close early due to Covid19 but that has not detracted from the fact that we managed to get to that point with only a tiny handful of cases, an impressive feat given that we are one of the largest boarding schools in the country.  Every student and member of staff has played their part and I specifically want to thank the Governing Body, Jonthan Taylor, the Covid Leadership Team, Senior Leadership Team, Campus Services, our cleaners, Catering team and Heads of House who have all played a prominent role in this endeavour.  Benjamin Disraeli once commented “there is no education like adversity” and I would agree wholeheartedly with this statement as there is much we have learnt and further developed during this academic year, chief amongst these would be the use of Microsoft Teams.

At this time of year we would normally say goodbye at our final Whole School Assembly to those colleagues who are moving on to pastures new.  I have listed below all of those leaving and I thank them dearly for their service to the College and wish them every success for the future.

Richard Snowling, Estates, 16 years

Christine Bowyer, Chinese, 13 years

Charlie Wyndham, DT, 9 years

Ciaran Prendergast, History, 9 Years

Susan Amodio, Food & Nutrition, 7 years

ClareWilson, Business, 6 years

Petya Zhelyazkova, Cleaning Operations Manager, 5 years

Vickie Minister, SET HRO, 5 years

Kathy Cunniam, Learning Lead, 9 years

Paul Nightingale, Assistant Headteacher, 3 years

James Knibbe, Cover Supervisor, 3 years

Melanie Jones, Maths Tutor, 2 years

Luke Finlayson, Science, 1 year

Marie Brooks, PSKW, 1 year

Esme Southgate, NRBT, 1 year

I will share at the start of the new academic year a list of new staff but I have the pleasure to include within this edition of the Lion, the new Headteacher’s Council for 2021/22.  This group of Year 13 student leaders were selected through a rigorous recruitment process and in September will begin to define their legacy projects.

Never before have I felt more proud to be part of the “WymCol” family and I wish you all a happy and safe Summer break.

Floreat Sapientia

Mr Dan Browning  


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