Headteacher's Blog 8

Posted on 08/09/2020

What a delight it was to talk to the parents and students on Sunday afternoon as boarders returned and day students yesterday morning. The buzz of excitement, friendship and learning has returned to the College. As I spoke with students, walked around the Houses and lessons, I was reminded what a special place the College is; calm and orderly yet inspiring and caring. I was pleased that our zoning of the College and temporary move to year group based houses worked as planned and we were able to significantly reduce the number of interactions that our students encountered.


I look forward to the Wymondham Life Fairs later today for Years 7, 8 and 9 and then to the start of the Wymondham Life programme. I will soon be meeting with the 2020 Headteacher’s Council (HTC) and their focus this year will be to work with our student diversity group, diversity co-ordinators (Mr Minchin and Mr Preston) and the wider College community to further improve how we celebrate diversity of all kinds.


Life at the College has changed due to Covid-19, but the core focus of our work remains the same; to provide world class education, boarding and pastoral care.

Floreat Sapientia

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