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Posted on 14/04/2020

As we have not been able to have our usual end of term assembly or my weekly HT assemblies, I wanted to be able to share a few words with existing and new students alike.

These are challenging times for us all. Our lives have temporarily changed. Our routines are different, how we interact with each other and how we work have altered.

So, my first point is about understanding. We are all in uncharted territory and we must be kind and how humility of the challenges that we are others are facing. Looking for solutions and a way forward can only be meaningful if we do this together. Those of you who are already students at the College should be engaged with your teachers through Microsoft Teams and will re-engage after the Easter break. We have published a new student and parent guide to help you understand what is expected – these can both be found on our coronavirus support page -  I ask you to face these challenges with pride; pride as you are part of our unique community where we are all doing our best to support each other. Those students who are due to join us in the coming academic year; you are also part of our community and we will be contacting you shortly to talk you through how we will support your transition to our College.

Wymondham College exists to support you become the best person you can be. We know that you will be missing your friends and the Wymondham Life activities that are such an important part of life here. I ask you to be passionate about learning new things and engaging with the work that teachers are setting. If you are due to join our Sixth Form next year, we have added some supporting materials to help- you get ready for A Levels – these can be found on our Coronavirus support page along with other activities that help you make the most of the time you have at home.  

Finally, I would like to echo the words of Her Majesty the Queen – we WILL meet again. I cannot stress how important a positive mindset is at this time. If we all follow the advice given by the government, things will return to the way they were before, the College will re open and I for one cannot wait for the buzz and excitement to return to the campus that is strangely quiet at the moment.

Keep calm, be kind, follow advice and carry on.

Floreat Sapientia 

Mr Browning


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