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Tom Collishaw (3)The House is named after Robert Kett who led the peasants’ rebellion in 1549.  Robert Kett was a wealthy landowner who saw how unjust it was that ordinary people were losing the common land.  Robert led a march to Norwich and camped on Mousehold Heath.  The King sent an army which was defeated by Kett and in the end mercenaries needed to be hired to defeat the peasant army.
Like Robert Kett, Kett students show passion for what they believe in; being KIND and FAMILY orientated. Students endeavor to go above and beyond what is normal in order to achieve, enjoy and create memorable moments, whilst instilling values that will last for a lifetime.
I am passionate about my family and sport. My wife is a successful sports woman and our lively young children William and Matilda embrace Kett life daily. Mr Casanova-Davies and Mrs Casanova have been a part of Kett for over 10 years and help me to lead Kett as Houseparents, running the house at weekends. The Casanova children Zante, Rafa and Pepe will also be seen on a regular basis contributing to the family atmosphere our young students love.

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Mr Tom Collishaw, Head of House

House Staff List

  • Head of House — Mr Tom Collishaw
  • Houseparent — Mrs Ana Casanova/Mr Mark Casanova- Davies
  • Assistant Head of House - Mr James McGovern
  • Tutors — Mr Daniel Cox, Mr Michael Durrant,  Mr Rob Machin, Mr Grant Griffiths, Mr Elliott Janes, Mr Jonathan Meeson, Mrs Tania Shingleton, Dr Tessa Kelly, Ms Sue Hopkins and Mr Toby Moon
  • Matrons — Mrs Kathryn Ayrdon, Ms Jo Bird, Mrs Diane Johnson, Mrs Chrissie Peeke-Vout
  • Graduate Boarding Assistants — Mr Elliot Hinton, Mr Michael Gillespie, Miss Jennifer Ferris
  • Day Supervisor — Ms Julie Piper
  • Lunchtime Supervisor(s) — Mrs Samantha Black

House Contact Details

House Phone Number       01953 609019

House Email            


Kett Hall Newsletters Date  
Kett Newsletter March 2019.pdf 29th Mar 2019 Download
Kett Hall Newsletter October 19 14th Oct 2019 Download
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