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Seamus Rigney (3)It is my privilege and good fortune to be part of the lives of such inspiring and outstanding students. Life here is never dull and like Edith Cavell our students are brave, show compassion and speak up for what they believe in.  Our ethos is very centered on our Cavell Family; students and staff looking out for each other and being there when needed. We are fortunate to have a dedicated team of house staff who work tirelessly on behalf of our students, whom we know well and can guide them appropriately. Some students spend five years of their lives with us and in that time they establish a strong bond with staff and fellow students. It is exciting to watch our young people grow and develop into outstanding adults.

Every day at Cavell Hall is different and this makes my role exciting and one that I hope can make a difference. The fact that so many of our past students return to visit is a testament to the impact that we have on their lives now and in the future. I joined Wymondham College in 2010 as Head of Design and Technology. My eldest son left the college in 2017 and my younger children are presently in Year 12 and Year 10. My wife, Alison teaches EAL and has worked at the College since 2010. Our lives are fully interwoven with the College as we live, work and socialise here.

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Mr Seamus Rigney, Head of House

House Staff List

  • Head of House — Mr Seamus Rigney
  • Houseparent — Mr Robyn Jones
  • Assistant Head of House — Mr Richard Grove
  • Tutors — Miss Jenny Bird, Mrs Fiona Borrett/Mr Rory McShane, Mrs Sol Bonta-White/Mr Richard Grove/Mrs Joanne Minnis, Mrs Pauline Davison, Mr Matthew Hurrell, Miss Hannah John, Ms Caroline Lloyd, Miss Joanne Wright
  • Non-Residential Boarding Tutors —  Mr Matthew Hurrell, Mr Ciaran Prendergast,  Mrs Jasmine Randall, Miss Linda Wilson, Mr Luke Martin, Mrs Fiona Redman, Miss Hannah Greene
  • Matrons — Miss Anne Childs, Miss Nadine Donelan-Bird, Mrs Elizabeth Sutton, Mrs Verity Wall
  • Graduate Boarding Assistants — Miss Polly Stammers, Mr Brandon Wisdom, Mr Joseph Wells
  • Student Supervisors — Mrs Alison Rigney/Miss Linda Wilson
  • Lunchtime Assistant — Mrs Jasmine Randall

House Contact Details

House Phone Number      01953 609030

House Email           


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