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Welcome to Wymondham College Futures - the programme aimed at guiding students towards a successful career.

At Wymondham College, we appreciate the importance of inspiring and informing students, providing effective and impartial advice and guidance to enable them to make decisions about their future. We also aim to equip them with the skills, qualifications and experience they need to realise those aspirations.

Careers education, advice and guidance is provided from Year 7 onwards via the College’s PSHE curriculum, supported by a comprehensive range of activities delivered by the Careers Leader, Liz Edwards.

You can read our College Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance policy and the full CEIAG strategy here.

The College believes that each student should receive:

  • Clear advice and information about options available to students when making key decisions for GCSEs, post 16 and post 18 
  • An understanding of students’ own skills and strengths
  • Awareness of key employability skills and opportunities to develop these
  • Support and guidance to help them make choices and complete a career plan for the future
  • Personal support and information through individual guidance
  • Practical support with applications, CVs and interview skills
  • Opportunities to learn about the world of work and gain inspiration direct from employers and staff

Years 7-9

In Year 7, the focus is on developing self-awareness, enabling students to develop the ability to reflect on and evaluate their own skills, and gain an idea of interests and aspirations. This careers education is delivered via the PSHE curriculum.

Year 8 is an important year for students as they make their GCSE choices, so considering their options and the decision-making process are high on the agenda. Students are encouraged to consider what factors might influence their decisions, the impact of these decisions on their future career and the notion of stereotypes. PSHE lessons will support this process, as well as a year group talk, options evening, advice booklets, access to online resources and general careers advice through individual careers interviews and group talks.

Having made their GCSE choices, students in Year 9 continue to have access to key online resources and individual careers advice as required.

Years 10-11

Moving onto Years 10 and 11, activity moves up a notch to ensure students are given advice and guidance to make their post-GCSE plans.  Individual support is essential, through one to one careers interviews with me, leading to a detailed action plan they can discuss with their tutors, parents and/or carers, as well as help with applications where required. Year group talks highlight the options available to them, enhanced by apprenticeship event, speakers from higher education and further education. Employer engagement informs and inspires students, and is encouraged through talks, mentoring and attendance at careers events.

Activity includes:

  • Trips to careers events in Norfolk including Finance, Hospitality, Tech, Care events and the Norfolk Skills & Careers Festival.
  • Enterprise Day – students are challenged to design a product or service and present their plans to a panel of judges
  • Employability Day – students find out about CVs and interview skills with business mentors guiding small groups.
  • Year group talks including post-16 choices, introducing them to apprenticeships, A Levels, further education.
  • Guest speakers from the world of business and the public sector
  • Apprenticeship evening
  • Individual careers interviews
  • Individual support with CV and applications
  • PSHE lessons including career exploration, CV writing and applications
  • Access to online careers resources
  • Passport to Careers - targeted at selected students, providing more intense individual support and mentoring.

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