Our Mission and Values

Wymondham College exists to enable young people to become happy, successful and useful citizens, to aim for excellence in all they do and to find fulfilment in life.

The College offers an inclusive and caring boarding community to which all are proud to belong. We expect students and staff to work hard, to maintain high standards of personal presentation and behaviour and to demonstrate respect for others within the College. We have developed a set of core values, which we feel best articulate our expectations of one another.

Our Six Year Vision booklet clearly explains our aspirations and journey over the coming years to ensure we remain a world class institution.

Six Year Vision Booklet


Our Core Values

A core value is a central belief, clearly understood and shared by every member of the College.  Our three core values of PRIDE, PASSION and POSITIVITY say something of our culture, our ethos and our priorities.  As such, they help us to define the type of College we strive to be.  They speak also about the kind of young people we wish to send into the world.

By PRIDE we mean that everyone

  • has a deep appreciation and respect for our heritage, our history and our unique boarding community
  • sets exceptional standards, celebrating personal successes and gleaning pleasure from the achievements of others
  • has a deep sense of loyalty and commitment to our community, to our Houses, to friendship groups and towards personal journeys

By PASSION we mean that everyone

  • is enthused and excited by learning, taking initiative and allowing others to do the same, so that every lesson counts
  • embraces the wealth of leadership and Wymondham Life activities on offer, so that growth continues both inside and outside of the classroom
  • is afforded the opportunity to lead, drive and shape the community in which we all thrive

By POSITIVITY we mean that everyone

  • welcomes and embraces challenge, accepting that we are at our most productive when stretched
  • recognises that effort will lead to growth, that criticism can drive future success
  • will foster positive and collaborative relationships with all members of the community
Core value posters portrait   Core value posters portrait2   Core value posters portrait
Core value posters portraitCore value posters portrait   Core value posters portraitCore value posters portrait   Core value posters portrait2Core value posters portrait2 


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