Parent Governor Elections

We are pleased to advise that six parents have expressed their interest in becoming Parent Governors and we thank them for this. There will therefore be an election for the two Parent Governor posts.

Each parent/guardian is entitled to vote for up to TWO of the following candidates:

Mr Francis DAVEY
Mrs Pauline DAVIES
Mr Gavin DRAKE
Mr Martyn EWING
Mr Anthony TANN
Mrs Rallou WAREHAM

A supporting statement for each of the candidates can be found by clicking the link on the right.

Placing an X (NOT a √) in the box at the side of the name on the Ballot Paper that you have been sent in the post. After marking your paper please return it to the Returning Officer in a sealed envelope addressed as follows:

The Returning Officer
Parent Ballot 2008
Wymondham College
Wymondham, NR18 9SZ

This can be posted or placed in the Ballot Box which will be placed in Reception. Please ensure this is received no later than: NOON Monday 3 November 2008. The counting of votes will take place at 1400 on Monday 3 November 2008.

R Moorhouse
Clerk to Governors
Direct line : 01953 609040