Election Hustings

Representatives from five of the political parties hoping to win votes in Norfolk met at the College to answer questions from students and talk to them about key election issues.

After each of the candidates had given a short presentation about themselves and their policies students were able to question them on a range of issues.

Questions were wide ranging, 'how can I make my vote count in a Conservative stronghold such as South Norfolk?' 'What will your party do to help new graduates find employment?'  'How will smaller companies cope with an increase in the minimum wage?'

Answers from the representatives were listened to intently by the audience, with some groans and the occasional round of applause.  The BBC were there to record the event.

The representatives disagreed on several issues but were united in their pleasure at seeing a packed room full of students who were keen to hear what they had to say.  Some of those in the audience will have the chance to cast their vote for the first time on May 6th and were fortunate to have the opportunity to hear the candidates speak at first hand.

Those attending were:

Tim Birt – Green Party

George Freeman -Conservative

Stephen Gordon - Liberal Democrats

Evan Heasley – UKIP

Elizabeth Hughes – Labour

Should you be interested knowing the political preferences of our students Iclick the link on the right to see the results of the Mock General Election which was also held in College on May 6th.


30.04.2010 The Candidates

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