A Message from the Principal


There's no job quite like being Principal of Wymondham College. It's a busy place for students and staff alike and there is always something good happening - whether it is a sports fixture, a concert, a debate, or a charity event. Above all, the College is a community of people who, on the whole, get on with each other, like learning together and enjoy life. My job is to make sure it all runs as smoothly as possible, that our standards are kept high and that we are preparing for what I am sure will be a very bright future for the College.
How are things going to change over the next few years? Well, we will be welcoming more students to the College, including more Sixth Form students in their newly extended Lincoln Sixth Form Centre. We will be able to offer more and different courses and even more activities, clubs and societies. We are making exciting links with other schools around the world to expand the horizons of our students and our staff.



16.05.2013 Melvyn Roffe: Principal