Mission Statement

Wymondham College exists to enable young people to become happy, successful and useful citizens, to aim for excellence in all they do and to find fulfilment in life.

The College aims to provide the best state education in England within an inclusive and caring boarding community to which all are proud to belong. We expect students to work hard, to maintain high standards of personal presentation and behaviour and to demonstrate respect for others within the College, in the local community and further afield. We encourage students to match their academic attainment with personal integrity, physical fitness, aesthetic sensitivity, emotional maturity and an open approach to spirituality based on broadly Christian values.

We are committed to working with other schools and organisations for mutual benefit and to promote the achievement and welfare of children generally. We strive to adopt best practice in consulting members of staff and in promoting their interests as employees. We use resources prudently and efficiently to further the aims of the College, whilst meeting our responsibilities to minimise the environmental impact of our activities. We welcome the involvement of parents and carers in the education of students.

Above all, Wymondham College seeks to be a place where wisdom may flourish.


News & Events

A warm welcome awaits!
03.07.2015 The Royal Norfolk Show 2015

We've had two fabulous days at the Royal Norfolk Show. There were just so many highlights, it's difficult to know where to start!

Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Norfolk

Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Norfolk

Norfolk County Council and Wymondham College work together to support the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme and provide opportunities for young people aged 14-24.